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he carpet▓ was velvet with bouquets of pink ros▓es tied with blue ribbons.The fir●st groomsman,

Lewis Van der Horst, brother of t▓he groom, was also in uniform, that● of a private in the Charleston ●Light Dragoons, C.S.A.He was● killed the following spring in Vir●ginia, fighting gallantly. I have a fooli▓sh little journal I wrote at this ●time, so foolish and lacking in all interest, ▓that I do not use it, but think perhaps th●is little excerpt may be pardoned: ● “Charleston, June 27th, 1▓863. “Della is married!!▓ “It all seems like a dream; ▓all

the excitement is over, and now for the fir


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▓st time I can think over it calmly.Wedne●sday at nine the wedding took place.It was● a very be

autiful ceremony.She was perfectly lo●vely.Her costume was a full pla▓in dress of Brussel’s net, a beautifu●l material, over a splendid w●hite silk, with a beautiful real la●ce veil falling almost to the ground; a wrea▓the of white hyacinths and bouquet● of the same. [Image unavaila●ble.] ADèLE ALLSTON AT SIXTE▓EN. Afterward Mrs.Arnold●us Van der Horst. {189} Such was her▓ costume, but her appearance I cannot describe▓!” This diary is a help ▓as

to dates, and it records that on July 1▓0,


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at daybreak, the shelling of Charleston be▓gan, and records also the hasty packin▓g up of the ho

usehold gods and fami●ly impedimenta, and their removal from the ci▓ty; also our arrival at the station● at Society Hill, Darlington County,▓ that night at twelve.There had been no time ●to send orders for Daddy Aleck a▓nd the carriage to meet us, but the wonderfull●y kind neighbors whom we were to ●find there gave their evidences of gener▓ous friendship that night; for ▓John Williams happened to be there a▓nd offered his carriage and so did Doctor S▓mith, so that we

got to Crowley Hi▓ll with little delay.This


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w●as to be our place of refuge durin●g the war, while the plantat▓ions on the coast were regar

ded as unsafe. ● Before we left the city there co●mes to my mind a very vivid picture of a● visit paid by another member▓ of the Charleston Light Dragoons, also a● private.He was at home on a short f●urlough and called to pay his respects ●to my mother, and she sent for me to ●see him also.It was in the same beau▓tiful oval drawing-room.Mamma was seated on th▓e little sofa in front of one of the mir●ror windows, and when I entered the room, on● a{190} chair facing h

er and talking with great ▓animation sat Po

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insett Pringle▓, whom I had never seen before, ●the almost twin brother of my● future husba

nd.Introductions were made, and▓ I sat down and l

istened and looked, and▓ looked and l

istened.Efforts were made both▓ by himself and by mam

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ma to ●draw me into the conversation, but in▓ vain.When he had gone mamma sai▓d to me: “Well, Bessie, if this is t▓he way you are going to behave, you▓ certainly will not be a success in societ●y! You sat there with your mouth wide open, gaz▓ing at the young man! What was the matter” ▓ I said solemnly: “Mamma, he was so b●eautiful that I was paralyzed! I never saw a▓ny one so beautiful in my life.” ▓ And it was true.He was angelicall▓y beautiful; light-brown hair parted in ●the mid

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